Posting Tuition Made Easier with EZCare

Posting tuition is one of the most important administrative tasks for any childcare business professional. If you don’t post, parents don’t know what they are supposed to pay; if parents don’t pay, there’s no money coming in; and if there’s no money coming in, keeping your business afloat will be no easy feat.

That’s why the EZCare team has been hard at work unearthing a new, faster way to get your tuition entered and posted on the right ledgers. Want to dig a little deeper into the Post Tuition feature and see what’s changed? Read below for your guided tour!

Discover What’s New for Posting Tuition

The Post Tuition screen is now exactly what its name implies – it’s where you go to post tuition. Navigating through that long list of previous and pending postings to add a new line took way too many clicks in the past. When you wanted to post tuition, you wanted to do it quickly and easily. Now that we’ve added the ability to save posting criteria in the form of Presets, posting tuition has never been easier.

Let’s look at the Posting Criteria. This is the screen you’ll see when you navigate to Post Tuition in the AR menu. You can choose from a list of existing Presets, create a new Preset, or just enter the information for a one-time posting right on this screen. No extra clicks required!

Posting Tuition Criteria Screen

What’s a Preset? Presets are game-changing tools you can use when you have tuition postings that you apply over and over again. Why enter the same information each week when you can save a set of criteria and just apply it? Less clicks means more time doing the things you love, not just the things you have to do to run your childcare business. You can also duplicate existing Presets with similar criteria, edit one or two small details and save it to create a new Preset in no time.

Once you’ve set your criteria, you can preview it, or even print it for your files. Once it’s ready, hit post and you’re all set.

Best Practice: Make sure you preview all tuition before posting – after all, nobody is perfect! If it turns out you missed something, don’t stress out. You can remove that posting using these instructions.

Explore Your Prior Postings

Don’t worry – that list of prior and pending tuition postings isn’t lost. You can find it in the View / Remove Postings screen, which you access from the AR menu. On this screen, you’ll be able to select the type of postings you want to see, whether you want tuition, payments, group postings, or EFT.

When you access the View / Remove Postings screen, you’ll be required to select a posting type, then you can narrow your search by entering other information about the posting, like the date range. Once you’ve entered all the information, click the button at the bottom to see all the postings that meet your criteria. It’s that easy!

View Tuition Posting

There are lots of other improvements included in EZCare’s 2018.08 release, including the ability to email the YTD Statement right from EZCare, and the simplified Parent Portal options that make it easier for parents to navigate through the things they want to do. Check out all the details here.

by Wendy Young

Aug 17 18
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