How to Create Shareable Memories to Boost Parent Engagement – and Your Childcare Business

Create Post-Worthy Pics for Parents with a Little Imagination and These 10 Ideas

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You can’t go on Facebook anymore without tripping over pictures of your friends’ kids. Parents LOVE to share what their little ones are doing, and the parents of children at your preschool or childcare center are no different. So how can you capitalize on social media sharing to increase parent engagement and get them marketing your program at the same time?

Let’s get parents sharing and bragging about your gem of a childcare center using the EZSmiles mobile app and these ten ideas for memories they’ll post quicker than you can change a diaper:

    1. Hold a first-day-of-school photo shoot. The first day can be both exciting and scary for little ones. Regardless of whether children are brand new students or daycare veterans, the new surroundings can be intimidating. Start the new year by generating a little excitement (and distraction) with a first-day photo shoot to make every child feel like a star right away.Set up a special area in your classroom, like in front of a decorative door or bulletin board, and use props like funny hats, faux feather boas, silly giant glasses, and masks. This is a surefire way to get them giggling and capture snapshots of happy kids to ease those first-day worries for parents.
      Lasting Birthdays
    2. Make birthdays last all day. Parents have a hard enough time with the idea that you often spend more hours of the day with their children than they do.  This can be magnified by 1000 when birthdays roll around and mom and dad have to work. Help parents feel like they are celebrating with you by making birthdays an all-day event. Document various activities and events throughout the day and share them all day long using a parent engagement mobile app. By pick-up time, they’ll have lots of things to talk to their little ones about (and share online).
    3. Chalk it up to a little imagination! Break out the sidewalk chalk and draw drifting balloons, an afternoon pirate cruise, and a rocketship to the moon. Let kids’ imaginations be the guide for picture-perfect poses, and snap their photos with EZSmiles to send to parents.Spell out first names on the sidewalk, and encourage them to copy the letters as best they can to learn to recognize and write their own names, then send mom and dad a great picture of their efforts. You can also expand this activity into even more learning fun by using chalk to sprinkle spelling or sight words throughout the play area for an educational scavenger hunt.
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      Leverage word-of-mouth through happy parents

    5. Host a storybook character tea party. Tie reading activities into an engaging classroom adventure by by incorporating this fun idea. Create cardboard cutouts of main characters so children can pose with their favorites, and watch their imaginations blossom. Parents will love seeing the creative ways you make learning fun for little ones, and future customers will see those social media posts and want to learn more.
    6. Produce a weekly “newscast.” What a fun, innovative way to show parents how things are going at your center this week! Using a smartphone or tablet, capture short snippets of students answering the question of the week, then send them to parents for posting and sharing.Get them chatting with questions like “what’s your favorite color?” or “what do you want to be when you grow up?” or interview them about something the class did or learned that week. Parents will love the responses and will cherish these for a lifetime.
      Kid singing
    7. Film any and all singing. Children singing – especially ones that don’t realize anyone is listening – is a perennial contender for the cutest thing ever. Those sweet little voices change before you know it, so give parents a forever soundtrack they can enjoy for a lifetime in the form of a video they can share sent through a mobile app.
    8. Capture classroom traditions. Your most popular annual celebrations and activities can make your center a word-of-mouth success story, so keep those traditions alive – and posted on social media – year after year.Take great photos and videos of your “Four-year-old Fiesta,” “Third grade Thanksgiving,” “Little Learners Luau,” and much more! Share these images with parents through your mobile messaging app and get them posting on Facebook and Instagram. Once word gets around that these fun events are part of your annual schedule, parents and prospects will have something to look forward to each year.
    9. Catch them napping. There are few things more precious than a sleeping baby, and few things that give parents more peace of mind than a picture of a calm, content little one. Send a naptime photo every once in a while to make mom and dad smile – and let them know that you’re keeping a watchful eye even when the kids are snoozing.
    10. Throw a potty party. Using the potty is a big deal, and chances are, kids are getting into that habit at home long before they are comfortable enough to give it a shot at school. Combine the positive reinforcement of making a big fuss over a successful trip to the potty or an accident-free day with a chance to let parents in on the fun.Taking a snapshot of the successful potty-goer with a potty success sign like “I did it” or polaroid cut out with the caption #readytopotty. Parents put a lot of work into potty-training too, so knowing you are making the effort and are on the same page makes them happy!
    11. Memorialize the milestones. Early childhood is filled with firsts – first solid foods, first words, first steps… you name it. Make the effort to capture a few other firsts for parents who might feel like they are missing out on the good stuff.Even if it isn’t the first time ever, you can still help document milestones for the first time children do something independent at school. First time reciting the alphabet by heart? Let mom know.

When searching for new ideas for sending picture messages and videos through a parent engagement mobile app like EZSmiles, just put yourself in their shoes. What precious moments would you want to capture? What would you feel like you were missing the most? Then snap away and watch the parent satisfaction soar.

To encourage social media sharing, try adding a caption to your photos to encourage posting, like, “Blake thought you might like to post the fun he’s having on Facebook today!” Pro Tip: If you’re using EZSmiles, there is a one-touch share action that enables parents to do this in seconds.

Want to know if these ideas are generating interest in your program? Add a “Where did you hear about us?” field on your enrollment form to track how many new families seek out your center as a result of seeing fun photos of their Facebook friends’ children happy in your care.
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Want to improve the way you communicate with parents overall? Try these five strategies.

This post was originally published in 2017 by a member of our EZCare team. It has been refreshed to reflect new ideas and best practices.

Written by: Amanda Foran on Sep 4 19

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