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EZCare comes with dozens of useful preset reports that you can easily filter to display results with parameters you set using Selection Filters, but what if you want to create custom reports, or just view data that isn’t available in the preset reports? The EZViewer gives you the ability to produce custom reports on fields you create so you can view the information you want the way you want it.

You can sort the data you need using a combination of selection filters and EZView criteria to create custom reports that show you exactly what you need. You can even save these EZViews to make updating your lists and making “on the fly” adjustments a breeze.

The new school year will be here before you know it, and EZCare will provide your staff with the tools you need to be ready when the first bell rings with these three essential custom reports created with the EZViewer:

Critical Medical Information

EZCare offers some preset report options for medical information like Allergies and Immunizations, but you may want to keep reports handy that show custom fields. For example, in a potential emergency like a bee sting or peanut exposure, having a report that lists all children with an epi-pen can be a real lifesaver. That user-created field won’t be found in EZCare’s built-in system reports, but you can generate a view of that data quickly and easily in the EZViewer. Here’s how:

  1. Create a custom field in the Field Manager for epi-pen information and place it in a screen section that makes sense, like where you maintain primary doctor and allergy information. A simple checkbox works nicely for this, and you can add something like this to your online or paper registration forms.
  2. In the EZViewer, create and save an EZView with the child name, allergen, and epi-pen fields. It might also be a good idea to display parent and/ or doctor contact information here for quick access.
  3. Run the EZView, then export the information. Apply any formatting you want to your spreadsheet and print copies to keep in the classroom, nurse’s office and cafeteria.

Medical alerts are another great candidate for custom reports your staff might need. Medical issues like seizure disorders and juvenile diabetes require quick action by teachers and classroom aides, so having details and instructions on hand is important. Consider running reports like these for every classroom in your organization.

Minimize Family Matters with Custom Reports

Your staff should be in the know anytime there are difficult family dynamics involving a child in your care. Unfortunately, not all divorces and child custody agreements are amicable, so take the guesswork out of authorized pick ups and who to contact if you find yourself in the middle of a sticky parent custody situation with custom reports through the EZViewer. Read below:

  1. Create custom fields containing all of the relevant custody information you might need. In some cases, this could be a checkbox noting that you have a copy of the agreement on file (which should always be the case). In others, you may need to create fields to hold more detailed information, such as which days the child is picked up by which parent per the custody agreement.
  2. Update the child’s contacts, including the authorized pick ups.
  3. Create an EZView that shows parents, details of the agreement if needed, and authorized pick up information.

Having custody and pick up information at the ready will provide your staff with a measure of peace of mind should an uncomfortable situation arise. Be ready to make the correct decision when a judgment call has to be right.

Custom Reports to Help Grow Your Business

Parents can be your biggest asset when growing your childcare business. When you do an amazing job caring and educating, parents will sing your praises to anyone and everyone looking for great childcare.

Tracking referrals is a great way to see who your biggest advocates are. You can encourage parents to network and share with family and friends for rewards like an account credit for referring a new student. Here’s how:

  1. Add a custom field for “Referred by” in the field manager, and make sure to include it on your center’s registration forms, whether they are online or the traditional paper variety.
  2. Create and save an EZView that includes the new family, start date and referred by fields. You can filter the results by date to only include referrals from a certain date range.
  3. In the Rate Manager, add a new simple rate for the referral credit. A fixed amount is usually easiest.
  4. Simply run the EZView when doing your weekly or monthly apply the referral credits to the appropriate ledgers as a way of saying “thanks” to your most loyal parents and families.

Maintaining a record of a child’s siblings currently not enrolled in your care is another great way to cultivate a crop of new faces. Marketing your after school program or a weekly arts and crafts class to age- or grade- appropriate siblings is a great way to increase enrollment – and revenue.

The EZViewer is designed to streamline the way you view and work with the information in your EZCare system. Use it to work smarter, not harder!

Have a great idea for things you wish you could do with the EZViewer but can’t just yet? Submit suggestions in the EZCare Community Suggest & Vote forum, and watch your ideas become part of EZCare!

by Wendy Young

Jul 16 18
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