EZCare Update: Important Information About Us During the COVID-19 Crisis

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EZCare is here for you throughout COVID-19

To say times are concerning is an understatement. Here in PA, we are taking the growing threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak very seriously, and schools and public spaces in our area have closed as a precaution.

Our tech-savvy staff is fully equipped for remote work, and while our office building is closed, our staff is hard at work from home until the threat of the virus has diminished. This means, when you call our top-notch staff in support, sales, onboarding, or training, you may experience some minor inconveniences, like the occasional child or pet in the background.

EZCare will continue to provide top-notch support during normal business hours, and product updates and releases will continue as scheduled. If there is any change in our status, we will notify you right away. Our team of experts has also been busy creating useful COVID-19 resources for childcare programs.

EZCare Features to Lean On

The good news is that you already have some key features that can help accomplish the social distancing and other recommendations public health officials are endorsing. With our cloud-based childcare management software, your data is accessible to you and your staff at all times from wherever you need to work.

Mail Merge and the EZViewer

Parents are eager for updates on any measures you take to stay open, maintain a safe, sanitary learning environment, or whether you may make the difficult decision to pause operations for a short period. Some things you may want to consider relaying are:

  • Facility-wide deep cleaning measures you are taking.
  • Regular hygiene practices, such as requiring hand-washing when moving about schools from class to class or during lunch and recess.
  • Efforts to limit activities where supplies are shared among a group of students.
  • Plans to hold lunch in the classroom as opposed to a crowded cafeteria.
  • Staggering pick-up, drop off, recess or any other large group events.
  • Postponing assemblies, concerts, and extracurricular activities.

Whatever your plans, communicate them often, and provide as much detail as you can.

Online and electronic payments

There’s never been a better time to encourage as many parents as possible to move to electronic payments. Whether families pay online or call in to make a payment by phone, accepting credit cards and echecks can limit the physical exchange of money, checks, and even receipts. Contactless payment helps reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Set receipt preferences

Email Childcare Invoice and Receipt Screenshot

Remind parents to set payment receipt preferences to “Email only” for the foreseeable future. You can use the EZViewer to determine which families have not yet set their receipt preferences. Reach out to them via email with instructions on how to do this in the EZCare Parent Portal, or ask them to contact your staff to make the change for them.

Enroll parents in autopay

With automatic payments through EZ-EFT, there’s no question about money exchanging hands, parents waiting in line at the end of a busy, stressful week to make payments, or unnecessary trips to the bank. Of course, you can use the EZViewer to attach the enrollment form and follow these five simple steps to get them started.

Implement online childcare registration forms

It’s nearly that time of year, when you are renewing registration for returning students, assessing staffing needs, and determining how many open slots you will have for the coming school year. Now is the time to switch from paper forms to online enrollment. Our staff will work with you to ensure your online form captures all of the information you need, and your form data can be easily imported into your EZCare management system.

Provide Daily Activity Logs electronically

If you’re caring for infants and toddlers, you spend a good bit of time completing the required log forms and making copies to send home with parents each day. When you use the Daily Log messaging feature in EZSmiles, you can record all of these activities, then schedule them to be sent at once at the end of the day, eliminating the need for paper forms.

Send Childcare Notification to Parents Screenshot

Push notifications for important messages

Smiles messages aren’t just for picture and video messages, they are for organization-wide messaging on closures and other important news as well. If your message can’t wait, don’t risk it getting lost in an email inbox. Instead, send a Smiles message right to parents’ smartphones. They’ll receive push notifications containing any urgent messages or instructions.

Update family and emergency contact information

Being able to get in touch with parents and emergency contacts in an emergency is imperative. Encourage parents to log in to the childcare Parent Portal to manage contact information and other important data so you can reach and message them in a timely fashion. Don’t forget to update the user manager to give Parent Portal users the right permissions to add and edit their contact data!

Whatever you need, we’ll be here to support you, not just during this current crisis, but well beyond. Stay safe and healthy!

Written by: Wendy Young on Mar 27 20

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