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Picture your workday as a bucket filled with all of the things you need to accomplish each day as a childcare provider. If you’ve been managing all of your daily, weekly, and monthly administrative tasks, tending to the children in your care AND trying to growing your program, chances are that bucket has become very, very heavy. Over time, balancing a workload that size can wear you down and force you to shift your focus away from connecting with the children and families your serve. By streamlining your administrative routines using the tips below, you can save time, lighten your load and get back to the fun part of running a childcare business – the kids!


Automate Your Attendance Tracking

Keeping accurate attendance records is crucial. Using sign-in sheets and manually entering drop-off and pick-up times can be a thing of the past if you invest in a time tracking system that works with your childcare management software.

When parents can check children in and out electronically, it eliminates data entry errors and allows you to track and charge overtime fees with accuracy based on actual attendance. Using a reliable time-tracking system, such as TimeClock, can drastically reduce the time you spend inputting data, leaving you with more time to grow your program and make memories with the children in your care.


Use Templates to Record Recurring Transactions

There are few things more important to a business than keeping accurate financial records, and the best way to do that is to establish a fool-proof routine to post tuition and process payments. Creating templates you can save, apply and reuse across multiple records for recurring charges and payments will help curb tedious data entry.

Templates can also help you avoid making embarrassing mistakes – like over-charging an account or forgetting to use a multiplier for a shared custody or subsidy situation. Using templates for tuition and payments you record at regular intervals can also keep you from having to remember all the details of special cases. No more extra logins to fix typos or other errors – templates will help ensure your accounts receivable records are accurate.


Encourage Parents to Enroll in Auto-Pay

Don’t waste chasing payments each month when you can enroll families in automatic EFT. Through the auto-pay enrollment form, parents give you permission to process electronic transactions using payment methods they designate. This gives you ultimate control over when their payments are processed so you can ensure they are received on time.

Today’s busy parents have a full plate, and auto-pay provides a huge benefit to them as well. With auto-pay, they have one less thing to remember to do, and the risk of incurring extra charges for late payments is virtually eliminated.

When your center accepts online payments, it means less data entry for you and your staff, less risk of data entry errors, and less administrative time making bank runs and writing receipts. Save gallons of time by streamlining this process to get out from behind a computer screen and back to making your program all that you envision.


Use Online Forms to Streamline your Data Entry

Even the most careful, dedicated employee will make mistakes from time to time, especially amidst the hustle and bustle of a childcare center. Instead of having staff collect paper forms and create checklists and spreadsheets to track important information, why not incorporate the use of online forms?

Whether it’s annual registrations or renewals, field trip permission slips, or just a simple volunteer sign-up sheet, using online forms is a great way to get information straight from your customers into your childcare management system without hours of time-consuming, tedious data entry. This type of integration has long been a part of EZ-CARE2 and is moving into Beta in the new online version of EZCare in the next few weeks.

More and more businesses are looking to streamline their administrative processes, and the childcare industry is no different. Lighten your load by incorporating simple routines and a drop of automation to save the time you need to create a nurturing, successful childcare program.

by Wendy Young

Apr 3 18
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