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This year, Teacher Appreciation Day falls on May 3.

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This special day is dedicated to celebrating teachers’ contributions to the lives of children as well as the important role they play in our local communities.

Imagine how many teachers are inspiring the writers, scientists, leaders of social change, and innovators of all kinds who will shape our future. May 3rd is the day to recognize that reality and cheer them on!

Will your center celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day? You don’t have to do it alone. Get both teachers and children in on the fun! Check out the ideas below to see some of the great ways you can show teachers you care.

Here’s how you can get children involved on Teacher Appreciation Day:

  • Ask children to draw pictures illustrating what they love best about their teacher and make each teacher a collage.
  • Choose a song that each class can learn and surprise teachers with a joyful ode to their greatness.
  • Get crafty with a collaborative art project for the classroom like this paper chain photo booth.
  • Take students’ photos and have them write thank you notes to their teachers on the back.

Here’s how to get busy parents involved on Teacher Appreciation Day:

  • Put up a poster board or easel in your lobby so parents and students can leave one word that describes their favorite teacher. What word would you use?
  • Send home a note asking parents to bring in a piece of fruit for each teacher, then assemble the fruit into gift baskets.
  • Ask for a small contribution from each family to go towards the purchase of a microwave, a Keurig coffee maker or another gift that can benefit teachers.

Because there are so many reasons to celebrate teachers, check out this fantastic list of 65 ways to recognize them all year long!



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