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Consider the time you spend shuffling through paper checks, associating each check with a family’s record, then combing through your records to see who has yet to pay. Then multiply those hours by 52 if you collect childcare tuition weekly. That’s a ton of time!

Lose the hassle of paper checks, manual data entry, and chasing late-paying parents by adopting pre-authorized online fee collection (A.K.A. auto-pay) for your childcare center.

EZCare offers a pre-authorized tuition processing service called EZ-EFT, which enables your childcare center to offer (or require) auto-pay as a way for parents to pay for childcare. Because EZ-EFT was built to work seamlessly with EZCare, family records are instantly updated to reflect all payments.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s a breakdown of 5 reasons why collecting childcare payments online via auto-pay (EFT) is better than sticking with paper checks.

Reason 1. You’ll have a much more reliable cash flow.
Auto-pay is just that – automatic! When you decide to collect childcare payments through pre-authorized fee collection, there’s no wondering when you’ll get your funds. Childcare payments
are drafted from parents’ accounts and deposited into your account in the amount and frequency you’ve agreed upon.

Reason 2. You won’t have to worry about determining which parents have yet to pay or spend time chasing late payments.
When every family is enrolled in your auto-pay program, every family will pay their childcare fees on time and in full – without even having to think about it!

Reason 3. You’ll maintain better security and control of childcare payments and parents’ account information.
With EFT, you won’t run the risk of losing paper checks. Parents’ account information is securely stored within EZ-EFT’s protected childcare database when they enroll in your auto-pay program.

Reason 4. You’ll save countless administrative hours.
By using a payment processing service that’s integrated with childcare management software, you won’t have to enter data twice. For example, every transaction processed through EZ-EFT instantly appears in family records stored in EZCare.

Reason 5. You’ll offer parents the simplest, most convenient way to pay.
Parents have enough on their minds! By enrolling in your auto-pay program, they’ll have one less deadline to worry about. All parents need to do is provide their bank account information at enrollment, and they’re set!

Worried that people won’t sign up for automated billing?
Check out this free guide to help you get families’ to sign up for automatic payments or request the brochure we created to promote automated payments to parents.

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Jan 22 16
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