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What is the Week of the Young Child?

The Week of the Young Child is sponsored by NAEYC and designed to celebrate early education, young children, teachers, and families. With daily themes like Music Monday and Work Together Wednesday, the Week of the Young Child encourages activities that enrich children’s learning experiences. It runs from April 10, 2016 to April 16, 2016.

In the spirit of the Week of the Young Child, here are 5 creative takes to make each day’s theme your own:

Get parents to contribute to your Music Monday playlist.

Music is credited with helping children develop math, language, and literacy skills at an early age. Music Monday is a day to encourage children to sing, clap, and drum along together to their favorite songs.

Here’s how to get parents involved:

If you consider the music of your childhood, tunes from your parents’ record collection will likely come to mind. Parents today have certainly followed suit. That’s why there’s a good chance you’ve got babies growing up on Bowie and kids who routinely belt out Adele in the backseat. So instead of simply telling parents that you’re introducing their children to music, ask parents if they’ve already done so. Then invite them to join in on the fun by sending a YouTube link to their favorite sing-along song from home. That way, you’ll have plenty of tracks to play on Music Monday.

Go Veg on Taco Tuesday.

Taco Tuesday is more than just a day to have fun with food. Cooking lends to the development of children’s early learning skills just like music. In addition to learning math and literacy skills,  Taco Tuesday can teach children about healthy eating habits.

Consider swapping ground beef for seasoned black beans. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in cholesterol is a great way to prevent heart disease as an adult, so it’s important to teach children to learn to love their veggies at an early age. Use Taco Tuesday as a day to introduce children to meat substitutes like black beans and healthy, protein-packed additions like avocados.

Take a vote to determine your Work Together Wednesday initiative.

Children develop their social skills when working together. Instead of assigning them a project outright, get your class involved from the very beginning by having the children choose what they’d like to do for Work Together Wednesday. By giving them a choice, children are more likely to be excited and enthusiastic about tackling a project with their peers from the very start.

Host an art opening on the eve of Artsy Thursday.

Art projects and crafts stimulate children’s imaginations, boost their social skills, and teach them how to make decisions. In honor of the children’s Artsy Thursday creations, consider hosting an art opening on the following Friday evening so children can celebrate their works of art with their families.

Create a collage display in honor of Family Friday.

Family Friday is a day to connect with children’s families through storytelling. Make Family Friday last even longer by rounding up children’s family photos and making a classroom collage.

Start preparing for the Week of the Young Child today!

NAEYC’s site has everything you need to prepare your classroom to participate in the Week of the Young Child. Learn more about the celebration and get tips and resources here.

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