Childcare Center Snow Closure

When projected flurries turn into full-blown blizzards, how does your childcare center stay in touch?

Consider your last snow closure and ask yourself:

  • Did you have a plan in place?
  • How well did you communicate with parents?
  • How much time did you spend getting the word out that your center was closed?

If your answers to the above questions reveal a need for improvement, you’re in luck! Easing the hassle of a sudden snow closure is a simple task if you’re prepared for it, especially if you’re an EZCare client.

4 Ways to Prepare your Childcare Center for a Snow Closure

Make sure parents have correct email addresses and phone numbers on file.
With EZCare, this task is simple. You can print or email a copy of their information using the Family Contacts Report and ask them to verify it.

Email parents about snow closures.
Email is a great way to communicate important information about snow emergencies and center closures. Many parents check their email at work throughout the day, so they’ll be sure to get your message.

EZCare clients can create one or more snow closure templates in their Insta-Merge Template Library to use when emailing about center closures to parents. Insta-Merge templates auto-fill parents’ names and contact info in seconds so EZCare clients can send personalized emails to families in a snap! (Tip: Don’t forget to preview the message and make updates before it’s sent out.)

Call parents about snow closures.
While contacting parents via phone is effective, taking the time to call each parent is an enormous task. EZCare clients can accomplish this feat in a single call through the time-saving service, One Call Now. One Call Now is an automated messaging system that dials and plays a pre-recorded message for you. It even allows parents and guardians to use their phone’s keypad to indicate a response to a question!

Create and communicate a snow closure policy.
Do parents or guardians know what to do when your center is closed? Consider writing out a closure policy and posting it on your website. You can refer to this policy when communicating closures via email, social media, or blog announcements.

For help in developing your policy, check out this Child Care Emergency Preparedness Toolbox from the Federal Government.

See how easy handling a snow emergency
can be with EZCare?

If you’re ready to simplify how you take care of snow closures (and much, much more) at your childcare center, call 800-220-4111 to start your free trial of EZCare today.

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