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Daycare Worker Saves TimeWhy spend hours or days on billing when you can get it done in just minutes or seconds instead?

Electronic payments through EZCare make life easier. By automating an otherwise manual process, you can find time to do the things that create real value for your center, like parent communications, marketing, staff training, fundraising or planning a program for the kids. And the best part is, paying online is a better experience for the parents, too!

Between the paperwork required to set up an account, the litany of fees, software and equipment costs, and the complexity of introducing change to parents, there are plenty of reasons holding center owners and directors back from the world of electronic payments.

But EZCare makes it easy!

EZCare has created the easiest path for centers of any size to create an electronic billing and payment process. With our 3 Easy Steps E-Book, we’ll show you how easy it is to get started with a program that can truly transform your center and your relationship with parents.

Getting started with our proven 3-step process is a snap.

Step 1: Process a payment from a check or payment card directly through EZCare
Step 2: Ask the parent if they would like to enroll in automatic payments
Step 3: If the parent declines auto pay, enroll them in billing via email

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to view the 3 Easy Steps infographic.

Using EZCare’s built-in tools for payment processing is the most efficient way to manage billing and achieve meaningful time savings, so moving to electronic payments isn’t just a smart decision – it’s an easy one.

Remember: time is money.

With proven strategies developed to contain the costs of payment processing, you can manage the costs of the program and identify hidden savings as a result of doing less manual data entry. Using your time and your staff’s time to do more productive things than data entry can easily offset the costs of electronic processing and even create additional value.

Our 3 Easy Steps E-Book provides many more strategies to help manage the costs of an online payments program.

For the complete story, download the
3 Easy Steps E-Book.

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