10 No-Cost Ways to Market Your Childcare Business


  1. Use the “A” word. Say it with me… Accreditation. If you have achieved Accreditation from any agency, shout it from the rooftops! Today’s parents are competitive, and they are always looking for ways to help their little ones get an edge on their kindergarten counterparts. Brag about it – it will earn you more business!
  2. Show what you know. Position yourself as a childcare expert and build trust in your program with articles and blog posts that highlight your in-depth knowledge and experience in the childcare world. Focus on something you and your staff do particularly well, something that sets your program apart from your competition, and write a series of articles about it. Use topics that really interest pare ost your readership through social media platforms.
  3. Posting; it’s not just for social media anymore. Okay, bulletin boards are a tried and true method for getting someone’s attention, even when they might not be looking specifically for your services. Your local grocery stores, libraries, churches, rec centers, and youth organizations are all great places to post your business cards, flyers, or brochures. Make sure to have enough printed material for parents to take one as they pass!
  4. Connect and grow. Networking isn’t all happy hours and business cards. Sometimes, connecting with other successful childcare professionals in your area can be as easy as joining an online forum, attending seminars, or checking out local events. You’ll find you and your competition face a lot of the same challenges every day, and building a childcare community is a great way to learn and grow. Within your group, agree to refer any prospective families to them when you’re full, and they’ll do the same for you someday.
  5. Open the door, and let ‘em in. Opportunity comes knocking any time you hold an Open House to give prospective families a window into your facility and your program. Meeting and mingling with you and your staff builds trust and helps parents feel connected to your organization. Provide some games and activities to keep little ones busy while their parents get the grand tour and ask questions, and don’t forget to have flyers, brochures, or registration forms on hand.
  6. Extra! Extra! If your organization is doing something newsworthy, like holding a special event, offering a new service, or celebrating a significant anniversary, let people know! Just received word that you’ve been awarded a grant for new fixtures or equipment? Prospective parents will love that, so use it to market your business by submitting a newsworthy story about it to local media outlets.
  7. Location, location, location. When people are moving into your area, who is the first – and sometimes only – person they know there? Their realtor, of course! Ask local realtors or builders to include your business cards, flyers, and brochures in the welcome packets they give to new clients moving into the community. The same goes for local apartment complexes!
  8. Give them something to talk about. Word-of-mouth and referrals from currently enrolled clients are your best resources for finding new families and boosting your enrollment. Offer an incentive to parents in the form of a tuition discount or special privileges for little ones when they refer a new family that enrolls in your program to give them an added reason to sing your praises. Be sure to let parents know when you have upcoming openings so you can keep the demand up and those spots filled.
  9. Direct some traffic. Something as simple as placing a link to your website in your email signature can help grow your business. You never know who will see it and click through to your website, or who they will tell about it afterward.
  10. Last call! Get voice mail, listen to voice mail, and call people back. Those are three essential steps to customer service and business success. Don’t lose a prospective family because you couldn’t get to the phone in time, and use your outgoing message to direct parents to your website for more information in the meantime.
by cmoriarty@softerware.com

May 15 19

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